A.J. (portrayed by Juan Riedinger) was a minor character who appeared in the Smallville episode "Stiletto." He was a criminal who worked for gangster Ron Milano and later Bruno Mannheim.

A.J. and fellow thug Bruno mugged Chloe Sullivan, taking her handbag, but Lois Lane whacked Bruno with her stiletto heel and then kicked A.J., knocking him down. While Bruno escaped, he asked Lois who she was, and she announced herself as "Stiletto".

A.J. was arrested, but got bail and came after Chloe again, wondering who Stiletto was. He followed Chloe to Smallville and attacked her in her apartment. As he was about to slit her throat, Doomsday emerged from the basement of the Talon and brutally killed him. After Doomsday was through with him, Chloe bagged up A.J.'s remains in two plastic bags and threw both bags into the dumpster behind the Talon.

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