AMAZO is a highly advanced android supervillain that has appeared many times in the DC Comics universe. Created by master roboticist Professor Ivo, AMAZO possessed the ability to copy the powers of various meta-humans and other powered beings. It has often fought against the Justice League and copied the abilities of its various members (except for Batman, who has no superpowers), but has always been defeated.

Batman: Under The Red Hood

In Batman: Under The Red Hood, the Gotham crime boss Black Mask has acquired an AMAZO android which he intends to auction off. Batman interferes with the shipment and the android awakens and attacks him, using its super-strength, flight and laser vision abilities. Batman is assisted by his former partner Nightwing in battling AMAZO and the two use their cunning and ingenuity to gain an edge over the killing machine. Batman causes AMAZO to destroy itself by firing what appears to be putty into the android's eyes. What AMAZO doesn't realise is that the putty is plastic explosive and detonates it when it tries to vaporise the stuff with its lasers. The explosion blows AMAZO's head off, killing it.

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