The Abzorbaloff was a villainous alien being that appeared in the Doctor Who episode "Love & Monsters". Heralding from the planet Clom, this creature was capable of absorbing other life-forms into its own body, consuming their knowledge and memories as well. In 2007, the Abzorbaloff was operating in London on Earth under the guise of wealthy gentleman Victor Kennedy, seeking out the Doctor hoping to absorb him and steal the TARDIS.

The Abzorbaloff was portrayed by stand-up comedian Peter Kay.


Victor Kennedy

Disguised as Victor Kennedy, the Abzorbaloff barged in on the activities of LINDA (London Investigative 'N' Detective Agency), a group of friends from differing backgrounds united by their common interest in the Doctor. LINDA's focus on finding the Doctor had waned and Victor stepped in to take charge, organizing the group into properly investigating the Doctor's activities. After Elton Pope failed to obtain any information from Jackie Tyler and was discovered, he decided that LINDA had lost its purpose, all because of Victor. Ever since Victor had appeared, some of the group members had stopped coming to the meetings and they never enjoyed themselves any more, and so Elton, Ursula Blake and Collin Skinner decided to walk out. It was then that Victor revealed his true form, absorbing Ursula and Mr. Skinner just by touching them. He had also absorbed Bridget and Bliss, two members that had seemingly stopped coming to the meetings. Elton was the only one left to absorb and the Abzorbaloff chased him down into a dead-end alleyway.


The Abzorbaloff had cornered Elton and was about to absorb him when he was interrupted by the timely appearance of the TARDIS. The Doctor feigns callousness and says he won't interfere, but the members of LINDA who are still alive within the Abzorbaloff's body decide to fight back, pulling with all their remaining might trying to tear their host's body apart. Flinching in pain, the Abzorbaloff drops his cane. The cane is a device that maintains a limitation field that keeps the Abzorbaloff's power in check, but Elton grabs the cane and snaps it in half, destroying the limitation field and causing the Abzorbaloff to melt away into the ground.

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