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Agent Ashley Fallon (portrayed by Jocelyn Seagrave) is a minor character from the TV series Charmed, appearing in the Season One episode "The Wendigo".

She worked with the FBI, though she was secretly a Wendigo. She hunted victims with AB negative blood who were either in love or had good hearts.

In 1999, during a full moon, Piper Halliwell was attacked by a Wendigo. She was rescued by a man named Billy Waters and taken to the hospital after being scratched. Agent Fallon arrived to interview Piper and revealed she was tracking the creature after it killed in Chicago and New Orleans. She had also run into Billy before, as he had been tracking the creature since it killed his fiancee in Lake Michigan.

Billy revealed to Piper that he knew the creature was afraid of fire, which was why he used a flare gun. After Piper researched the Wendigo, Billy met Agent Fallon to tell her what he had learned. When he lit a cigarette, Fallon was startled by the fire and Billy realized she was the Wendigo. Before he could act, however, she snapped his neck.

When Billy was found, Andy theorized that he had been targeted so the Wendigo could protect its secret. Fallon agreed and they went to Piper to learn what Billy had to say. Piper told them the Wendigo could turn human during the day. Fallon asked if they knew who it was, though Piper replied they didn't.

Fallon questioned Andy about his relationship with Prue and revealed she was engaged once, but that he left her. She told him she did what she needed to do to make herself strong and that she was only interested in sex now. At the same time, Phoebe had a premonition about Fallon being the Wendigo and tried to call Andy, though Fallon had tricked him into turning off his phone.

Fallon continued to come on to Andy, though he wanted to stay focused on the job. Fallon then transformed into a Wendigo and knocked him out. At the same time, Piper transformed into a Wendigo and escaped the manor. Fallon was about to rip out his heart when Prue and Phoebe arrived. They tried to shoot Fallon with a flare gun, but suddenly found themselves surrounded by two Wendigos. Prue fired a flare at one of them, though Piper froze it. Prue then flung the flare at Fallon and vanquished her.