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"Dead or alive, you're coming with me!" - Alex Murphy, Robocop

Alex Murphy is the main protagonist of the Robocop film series. He is one of the few good cops within the Detroit Police Department and continues to do his best to uphold justice even in the face of a possible officer strike. Unfortunately, Murphy meets a brutal demise at the hands of vicious criminal Clarence Boddicker while carrying out an investigation. Finding himself cornered in a dilapidated steel mill without backup, Murphy is ruthlessly gunned down by Boddicker's thugs who blast off his limbs and riddle his body with lead. Incredibly, Murphy survives the hail of bullets, until Boddicker himself fires a round into his head, killing him.

Though Murphy is later announced dead in hospital, Omni Consumer Products salvage his remains to create the cyborg super-cop, Robocop.