Alex West

Alex West is a supporting character in the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. He is a treasure hunter and an acquaintance of Lara Croft, but whereas Lara seeks treasures for the sake of reputation, Alex is concerned only with profit. He is portrayed by Daniel Craig.


Alex is hired by Manfred Powell and the Illuminati to help them find the Triangle of Light, a 5000 year-old relic said to possess the power to manipulate the flow of time. Alex is not concerned with the Illuminati's potential abuse of such power and is only interested in the money.

When Powell and Lara are forced to work together to find the second half of the Triangle, they travel to Siberia and both Alex and Lara climb atop a mechanical model of the solar system. Within the sun lies the Triangle half, which Lara procures. When Powell attempts to join the two halves, nothing happens. In his frustration, and to test a theory, Powell throws a knife into Alex's chest. Alex plunges into the spring at the base of the model and his legs are caught within the moving mechanism. Wounded and unable to move, he drowns in the spring.

However, Alex's death is undone when Lara applies the mystical grain of sand to the centre of the Triangle, activating it. Reversing time to the point when Powell killed Alex, Lara grasps Powell's thrown knife and turns it around to face Powell. She then shoots the Triangle and destroys it, setting time in motion again. The knife strikes Powell and Alex is spared.