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Alice Harris was the wife of Don Harris in the horror film 28 Weeks Later. She was believed to have died during the original Rage outbreak when her husband abandoned her, but is revealed to still be alive months later. She was portrayed by Catherine McCormack.


During the original Rage outbreak, Alice and Don were hiding out in Geoff's farmhouse with a handful of other survivors. After a young boy arrived on the doorstep seeking refuge, the house was attacked by a large group of Infected. Alice, Don and the boy ran through the house to avoid the Infected, locking themselves inside the upstairs bedroom. Don opened the window and slid down the door canopy to the ground, but Alice was unable to follow as the Infected were blocking her path. The last Don saw of Alice was her getting dragged away from the window and out of sight.

Six months after the outbreak, the US military conduct the repatriation of Mainland Britain. Andy and Tammy Harris sneak out of the Green Zone one day and head into the Greater London area, looking for their old house to pick up some mementos. When they arrive, they find that their mother, whom they believed to be dead, was still alive and hiding in the house. Somehow Alice had escaped the farmhouse and returned home, where she remained in hiding until the Infected eventually died out.

Alice is recovered by military personnel and brought back to District One on the Isle of Dogs where she undergoes a medical examination. Scarlet Levy discovers that Alice has heterochromic eye colours and discovers a bite mark on her arm, indicating that she may have been infected. Further tests prove that Alice is a carrier, though she exhibits none of the obvious symptoms of the virus, meaning that she possesses some form of natural immunity.



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Don is informed that Alice is still alive and is in District One. Using his own security pass, he goes to see her in the medical centre, but is not informed that Alice is a Rage carrier. Don finds Alice and begs her to forgive him for abandoning her. Alice appears to forgive him and the two share a passionate kiss. However, the Rage virus in Alice's saliva passes to Don through the kiss, infecting him. Driven to homicidal madness by the virus, Don attacks Alice by biting her throat out and gouging out her eyes with his thumbs.