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This article lists the various background character deaths that occur in the sci-fi horror film Alien Resurrection.

  • The Betty docks with the USM Auriga to deliver seven abducted people being held in cryogenic stasis. Each of these individuals ends up becoming a host for a Xenomorph, being exposed to Facehuggers while unconscious and later dying when the Chestbursters inside them hatch.
  • Dr. Wren and a group of USM security personnel confront the Betty crew in the Auriga's recreation hall. On Elgyn's command, Christie draws his wristguns and shoots five of the guards dead. A sixth is shot dead by Johner.
  • One soldier raises his rifle to Christie's head, demanding he and his crew surrender. As the soldier barks the details of the team's arrest, Christie fires a bolt from one of his raised wristguns. The projectile ricochets off of a rivet in the ceiling and kills the soldier when it penetrates its helmet.
  • Inside one of the Auriga's specimen cells, two cloned Xenomorphs kill one of their own, tearing it apart so that its acid blood will dissolve the floor of the cell and allow the others to escape from confinement.
  • A security guard enters the breached containment cell, but the cell's former occupant has entered the medlab. The alien activates the pacification system which sprays the guard with liquid nitrogen, freezing him and causing his body to crumble.
  • As Elgyn and his crew leave the recreation hall, they hear screams coming from elsewhere as other crew members are being killed by the escaped Xenomorphs.
  • As a group of eight Auriga soldiers are about to evacuate in a life-pod, a Xenomorph enters the pod and slaughters them all.
  • General Peréz throws a grenade into the life-pod containing the Xenomorph before sealing it and ejecting it into space. Peréz then remotely detonates the grenade, destroying the life-pod and the alien within it.
  • Ripley-8 finds Elgyn's corpse and sticks a shotgun barrel through the hole in the deck above her, blasting the Xenomorph that had killed Elgyn.
  • Inside the ship's cloning lab, Ripley-8 discovers several malformed clones suspended in preservation tanks. Another clone is found alive and conscious on an examination table and begs Ripley to kill her. With some reluctance, Ripley takes a flamethrower from Call and torches the clone before setting fire to the whole lab.
  • The Betty crew find the medlab where they witness the bodies of the people they had brought to the Auriga in stasis. Purvis is still alive, but the others are all dead, their torsos ripped wide open following the birth of the aliens they were carrying.
  • Whilst the survivors are swimming through the flooded section at the bottom of the ship, they are pursued by two Xenomorphs. Johner launches a grenade from his rifle, blowing up one of the creatures.
  • Christie fires two grenades and destroys a large clutch of Xenomorph eggs located on the surface of the water.
  • In a spectacular display of strength, Ripley-8 manages to pull off a live Facehugger from her own head without suffering any severe injury.
  • The second Xenomorph climbs up the ladder and grabs at Christie, but Johner fires his guns downward and blasts open the alien's head carapace.
  • When Johner lifts himself up after killing the Xenomorph grabbing Christie, he spots a spider right in front of his face and reacts by shooting it.
  • With the Chestburster inside him about to hatch, Purvis grabs Dr. Wren and holds him close. As the Chestburster hatches, it tears through Purvis' sternum and then through Wren's head. Call then uses Wren's gun to shoot the newborn creature.
  • Within the alien nest, the queen - mutated by Ripley's human DNA - does not lay an egg, but rather gives live birth to a new human-Xenomorph hybrid. Shortly after birth, the Newborn - not recognizing the queen as its mother - kills her by ripping off her upper jaw.
  • After the Betty is away, the Auriga later enters Earth's atmosphere. The ship crashes into an uninhabited part of Africa and explodes, wiping out the remaining Xenomorphs.