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Angela Price - more commonly referred to by the pseudonym "Mrs. Moore" - was a member of the Preachers in the Doctor Who episodes "Rise of the Cybermen" and "Age of Steel". She was portrayed by Helen Griffin.


In a parallel version of Earth, Angela Price was once an employee of the hi-tech conglomerate Cybus Industries. She worked a regular 9-to-5 job until she uncovered a file on the Cybus mainframe that she wasn't meant to see. Cybus subsequently sent agents after Angela and her family, forcing them to go into hiding. Some time following this, Angela was recruited by the Preachers, a group of activists dedicated to bring down Cybus. At this time, Angela started operating under the alias of "Mrs. Moore" in order to keep her family safe.

When Cybus CEO John Lumic unleashed the Cybermen upon London, the Preachers found themselves gaining unexpected assistance from the Doctor, a mysterious yet trustworthy individual from a parallel universe. The Doctor organised an infiltration of the Cybus factory in Battersea and he accompanied Mrs. Moore down into the cooling tunnels beneath the facility. Whilst they were exploring the tunnels, Mrs. Moore revealed her true identity to the Doctor.


Shortly after emerging from the cooling tunnels, Angela was ambushed by Cyberman who grabbed her from behind and electrocuted her. After the Doctor and the others destroyed the Cyber-factory and defeated Lumic, the Doctor told Jake Simmonds' Mrs. Moore's real name and told him to find Angela's family and tell them how she had died saving the world.