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Anne with her daughter Lauren

Anne Fields (portrayed by Rebecca Creskoff) was a minor supporting character in Teminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Appearing in the Season 2 episode "Alpine Fields", she and her family found themselves under Sarah Connor's protection when a Terminator had been sent after them.


While vacationing with her family at their cabin, Anne Fields and her family were visited by Sarah Connor and Cameron. A Terminator had been sent through time by Skynet to terminate her and her unborn daughter because of her importance in the future. Sydney Fields had a natural immunity to a Skynet bioweapon and the Resistance would use her blood to create an treatment.

Despite Sarah's objections, she contacted next door neighbour Roger Shafer to warn him about what was happening. This would lead to Roger coming to the cabin and the revelation that he and Anne were having an affair without the knowledge of Anne's husband David. Roger was also followed by the Terminator who then broke into the cabin, but Cameron held the rival machine at bay while Sarah and the Fields family escaped. 


Anne and her family would remain in hiding for six months while Sarah did all she could to keep them safe. However, Anne made the mistake of contacting Roger again which led to the Terminator using him to get close to her. While these details aren't shown on-screen, they are described after the fact as Anne is lying injured in a warehouse while Derek Reese and Anne's daughter Lauren are struggling to save her. When the Terminator had attacked, David was killed and Anne was wounded after being shot through the lung. Derek did all he could to keep Anne and her unborn child alive, but without access to a doctor or proper medical facilities, Anne was doomed to die. Derek was, however, able to keep Anne alive long enough to give birth to her new daughter, whom was named Sydney. Anne was only able to look at her baby briefly before succumbing to her wound.