Crane with Sean Barker behind him

"I love my job." - Arlen Crane, Guyver: Dark Hero

Arlen Crane is the primary antagonist of Guyver: Dark Hero. An agent of the Chronos Corporation, Crane has been appointed by his superiors to head a Chronos-funded archaeological dig in Utah where an ancient alien spacecraft has been laying dormant for millenia.

Crane is portrayed by Bruno Giannotta.


Crane's Zoanoid form

Crane is the Operations Director of the archaeological dig being conducted by Dr. Marcus Edwards and his university group. He along with the dig's security personnel are all Zoanoid agents sent by Chronos to secure the alien relic so that the company can study its bio-technology to further their plans for world domination. Progress on the dig is accelerated thanks to the unexpected arrival of Sean Barker - the Guyver - whose bio-booster armour grants him access to the ship's interior.

After discovering the Guyver's identity, Crane approaches Sean inside the ship and reveals his Zoanoid form. He offers Sean the chance to remove the Guyver from his body using the aliens' technology, but as much as Sean despises the Guyver for urging him to kill, he despises Chronos even more and rejects Crane's offer. This leads to a confrontation between Sean and Crane who fight it out towards the end of the film.

Final Showdown

Crane as a Guyver-Zoanoid

During the survey of the ship's interior, Cori Edwards discovered a mysterious device that Crane recognises as a Guyver unit. Crane takes the unit so he can return to Chronos with it, but when his supervisor Gouo accelerates his timetable to capture Sean, Crane decides to activate the unit himself. When he and Sean engage in their final battle, Crane, while in Zoanoid form, bio-boosts and becomes the Guyver-Zoanoid. With his superior strength, Crane seems to have the upper hand, but the Guyver he bonded with was damaged as evidenced by his dented control medal and his periodic spasming. Just as Crane is about to finish off Sean, he is distracted by a cry from Cori who shoots him right in the control medal. The shot stuns Crane and Sean seizes the opportunity to rip out his control medal. Without the control medal, Crane's Guyver armour begins to consume him. As he falls apart in front of Sean, Cori and Atkins, Sean opens his chestplate and fires the Mega-Smasher, vaporising Crane.

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