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Arnold Dobkins was a minor antagonist from Season 2 of Gotham. Appearing in the episodes "Damned If You Do" and "Knock, Knock", he was a psychotic criminal who was sprung from Arkham Asylum by Theo Galavan and enlisted as a member of a team of criminals called The Maniax. He was portrayed by Will Brill.


Nothing is known about Dobkins' life prior to his incarceration, except that he was convicted for rape and also killing his victims with poison. Diagnosed as a violent schizophrenic, he was sentenced to Arkham Asylum.

In the episode "Damned If You Do...", Dobkins and several other lunatics were freed from Arkham by Theo Galavan. Galavan claimed that he saw brilliance in the lunatics and wanted to unite them as a group of master criminals who would bring Gotham to its knees. After watching Theo's sister Tabitha savagely murder Richard Sionis who had refused to take part in the scheme, Dobkins and the others were quick to fall in line, and so the Maniax were formed.

In the following episode "Knock, Knock", the Maniax would make themselves known to Gotham by abducting several dock workers from Yellen Shipyard and shoving them off the roof of the Gotham Gazette building. Two days later, the group attempted to murder a busload of cheerleaders by hosing them with gasoline and setting them on fire. This attack was foiled by the GCPD and Dobkins was arrested by Jim Gordon.


After his cohorts escaped and left him behind, Dobkins was arrested by Jim Gordon. Gordon demanded to know who sprang Dobkins and the others from Arkham, but before Dobkins could say anything, he was struck by two bullets. Tabitha Galavan had been watching the entire event unfold from a rooftop and used a sniper rifle to kill Dobkins so that he couldn't reveal anything to the police.