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Ayumu Yamasaki is a supporting character in the anime series Peacemaker Kurogane. Throughout the series, she serves as a cook and maid for the Shinsengumi at their headquarters, but she is also a well-trained spy who uses the arts of disguise and deception to wean information from the Choshu clan.

Japanese Voice: Yuko Nagashima

English Voice: Christine Auten


Ayumu - or Ayu, as most know her - is the "den mother" of the Shinsengumi. She is the cook and housekeeper at the Shinsengumi compound. A pretty woman with a motherly nature, Ayumu is fully cognizant of what the people around her do for a living, and acts as a sort of big-sister figure to Tetsunosuke Ichimura. She is Susumu's older sister, and, like him, a shinobi.


In Episode 18 "Rain", Ayu infiltrates Matsuya's shop disguised as a hairdresser. However, her deception is discovered and Matsuya leaves Ayu to the mercy of several Choshu ronin who beat and presumably rape her. In Episode 19 "Sky", Susumu finds Ayu's battered body left in the middle of the street in the rain.