Barry burto profile
Barry Burton is one of the protagonists of Resident Evil: Retribution. He is Leon Kennedy's partner-in-crime and a member of Albert Wesker's anti-Umbrella resistance. He has a liking for cigars and custom firearms. He is portrayed by Kevin Durand.

Barry Burton is also a character from the original Resident Evil game. In the game, he was a member of the Special Tactics & Rescue Squad investigating the zombie-infested mansion. His attire in the film is based directly on his appearance in the game, sans the S.T.A.R.S. badge on his sleeve.


Barry accompanies Leon's strike team throughout their mission to rescue Alice and Ada Wong from Umbrella Prime. As the team are about to take the elevator to escape, however, they are attacked by a giant Licker and Barry is wounded. While Alice pursues the Licker to rescue the captured Becky, Barry and Leon try to get the lift working when Jill Valentine and her Umbrella squad intercept them. A shootout ensues and Barry opts to sacrifice himself to buy Leon and the others time to escape. Barry feigns surrender and while the enemy's guard is down, he uses his Colt Python revolver to kill One. He then gets gunned down by the other troops moments before the base is rocked by an explosion and flooded.

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