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Bart (portrayed by Michael Barry) is a supporting character in Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead. A security guard at the Crossroads Shopping Mall where most of the film takes place, he and fellow security guards C.J. and Terry have turned their workplace into their private sanctuary as the undead plague destroys civilization. When Ana Clark, Kenneth Hall, Michael, Andre and Luda arrive at the mall, C.J. and Bart are hesitant to let them in. When they do let the others in, they do so conditionally and restrict them to a single store until Michael convinces them to let them help fortify the mall.

Bart, in particular, is very hostile towards the other survivors. He is demeaning towards the women and is quick to shut down any of Terry's suggestions. When Norma drives a truck full of survivors to the mall, Bart and C.J. refuse to let them in, but Terry helps Ana and Kenneth overpower his co-workers and lock them up while Michael and Andre help the new arrivals get inside.


Bart and C.J. are later released from confinement to help the other survivors find the mall's emergency generator after the power goes down. While exploring the parking garage, they encounter a dog which they take in. Seconds after finding the dog Bart is attacked and bitten in the neck by a legless zombie dangling from the pipes above. Bleeding profusely, he tries to catch up with the group as they run away from the horde that's coming towards them. Crying out to wait for him, Bart becomes swarmed and eaten alive by the running zombies.