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This article contains details of the various minor/background characters that die over the course of Under The Red Hood.

  • At the start of the film, the Red Hood arranges a meeting between various Gotham gangsters working under Black Mask. He convinces them to side with him after showing them a duffel bag containing the severed heads of the mobsters' lieutenants.
  • After Batman and Nightwing have destroyed AMAZO, they interrogate the goons who were transporting it. Before the crooks can talk, they are killed by sniper rounds fired by the Red Hood.
  • Shot, one of the Fearsome Hand of Four, is killed when the Red Hood damages his helmet laser's firing chamber. The damaged laser feeds back on itself and Shot's head explodes, painting the wall behind him.
  • In a flashback of the events leading to Jason Todd's death, the Joker has killed several bank guards using his patented Joker Venom. The guards' faces are all wearing ghoulish grins.
  • An Arkham Asylum warden is shot in the back by one of Black Mask's thugs sent to spring the Joker.
  • When Black Mask offers the Joker a job - namely to kill the Red Hood - Joker asks for a glass of water while he ponders on it. After recieving his water, he smashes the glass against the table and uses the broken glass to slash the throat of one of Black Mask's goons. He takes the man's gun and shoots the other bodyguards before they can draw their own weapons. The Joker then accepts the job offer.
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