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This article lists the various background character deaths that occur in Batman Beyond. Since this is a children's cartoon series, much of the infomation listed here is conjecture based on the circumstances of each episode.

Season 1

Black Out

  • Throughout the episode, Inque carries out several attacks on FoxTeca buildings, blowing them up. While no deaths are seen or mentioned on-screen, it seems highly unlikely that there would have been no casualties given the level of destruction that occurs.

A Touch of Curaré

  • Curaré boards a train carrying her target Sam Young, attacking the numerous police officers stationed on the roof of the train. It is unclear how many officers, if any, are killed by Curaré's attack, but many of them are thrown clear of the moving train.

Season 2


  • While the Stalker looks out over the balcony of his penthouse suite, a mosquito lands on his hand and bites him. As the insect flies away, the Stalker draws a blowdart gun and shoots the tiny parasite with perfect accuracy.
  • While holding Matt McGinniss hostage, the Stalker tells the boy of his past and how he was grievously injured by a panther. After having his spine rebuilt, the Stalker returned to the jungle to take revenge, killing the panther that once crippled him with his bare hands.


  • Before this episode, Ratboy had previously lured other runaway children to his lair. Whenever they tried to escape, Ratboy fed them to his herd of pet rats.
  • While Batman flies Dana Tan out of Ratboy's lair, Dana drops a flaming hockey stick into a pit full of toxic waste. The waste ignites and the barrels explode, killing Ratboy and his group of mutant rats.

Terry's Friend Dates A Robot

  • While doing a training exercise in the Batcave, Terry decapitates a robot synthoid modeled after Killer Croc, one of Bruce's old enemies.

Final Cut

  • Curaré attacks the Master Assassin (voiced by Victor Rivers) and throws a capsule containing a chemical that erases the Master's mind, permanently leaving him in a vegetative state.

Sneak Peek

  • Nabuo Taka - A scientist who once headed the research departmant at Wayne-Powers. He developed a theory called vibra-space, which dictated that if atoms and molecules were made to vibrate in such a way, objects could pass though each other. He devised a belt that vibrated one's body molecules, turning its user incorporeal. Ian Peek stole the belt from Taka years ago, burning down his lab in the process. Taka died in the fire.


  • A week prior to this episode's events, Kobra had unleashed a virus onto a small island community. The result was total biological devastation: all animals, plants and people on the island had been infected and killed.

Season 3

The Call - Part 1

  • Metropolis comes under attack as firebombs detonate all over the city. Superman and the Justice League are on hand to save civilians, but there's no telling how many off-screen deaths occur.


  • A Kobra grunt is discovered to have warned a relative about an impending Kobra operation. The Kobra lieutenant commanding the grunt executes him by throwing him into a pit of cobras.
  • After uploading what he believes to be an image of Batman's face to the entire Kobra network, the Kobra lieutenant commits suicide by jumping into the snake pit.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

  • The Joker activates a satellite laser and the beam pursues the Batmobile, destroying everything in its path before the Joker later shuts it off. Several buildings and busy roads are totally destroyed. No estimate on casualties is mentioned but there would certainly be a high number of deaths given the level of destruction that occurred.
  • During the final showdown between Batman and the Joker, the satellite jamming system the Joker had been using is damaged. The Hyperion satellite laser is activated again, carving a path of destruction as it heads directly towards the Joker's lair. It is unclear how many deaths, if any, are caused before the beam hits the factory, upon which the satellite is deactivated.