Benisato is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon in Ninja Scroll.

Japanese voice: Gara Takashima

English voice: Jenny Haniver


Benisato is a beautiful and seductive woman who possesses the ability to telepathically control snakes. Her body is covered in snake tatoos that can come to life and she is even able to escape her enemies by casting off her skin like a snake. She often envelops herself with snakes and one even hides within her nether regions. She is the second Kimon to be killed in the film.


Benisato ambushes Jubei inside a shrine near Shimoda Village, enveloping him in snakes. She, in turn, is ambushed by Kagero who holds a knife to her throat. Benisato tries to poison Kagero with a snake bite, but the poison doesn't affect Kagero and she warns Benisato to banish the serpents. Yurimaru is monitoring events as they unfold through the vibrations of his wires and had secretly wound one around Benisato's neck. To punish Benisato for failing to kill Jubei, Yurimaru electrocutes her with the wire.

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