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Bennett Sinclair (portrayed by Kim Coates) is a survivor of the global T-virus pandemic in Resident Evil: Afterlife. Formerly a big-time movie producer, he had trouble adapting to the state of the world following the outbreak. Both before and after the disaster, Bennett was a snide, selfish and cowardly man who considered himself above other people.

In Afterlife, as the Citadel Penitentiary is about to be overrun by the undead, Bennett turns on his fellow survivors and shoots Angel Ortiz as he tries to work on the armoured vehicle in the prison's garage. He then heads for the roof to steal the plane that Alice arrived in, nearly crashing the plane into the ground as he tries to take off. He manages to pull up in time and fly over to the Arcadia ship just off the bay. When he arrives, he is "employed" by Umbrella chairman Albert Wesker, who feeds on Bennett's blood and infects him with the T-virus (This is not shown on-screen but occurs according to Afterlife's script).

When Alice and the Redfield siblings arrive at Arcadia, Alice is greeted by Wesker and Bennett appears behind her, displaying the early symptoms of T-virus infection. He holds a gun at Alice's head and demands she throw down her weapons, telling her he plans to enjoy "playing with her pretty face". During the fight between Alice and Wesker, Bennett attempts to intervene but is beat down by K-Mart, who was released from a testing pod earlier. After Wesker is supposedly defeated and killed, Alice, K-Mart, Chris and Claire leave the chamber and lock it behind them. Bennett gets up and screams obscenities at them via the intercom until Claire shoots the device, blocking out his voice.

Bennett hears a creeping, writhing sound behind him as Wesker regenerates from his wounds. Bennett whimpers and complains that he wants to go home before Wesker devours him off-screen.

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