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Dr. Bernard Chisholm was an antagonist from the ninth season of Smallville, appearing in the episode "Conspiracy". He was portrayed by JR Bourne.


Dr. Chisholm was an attending doctor at Metropolis General Hospital. He died of a heart attack after he caught some Kandorians in the act of stealing corpses from the morgue. When the Kandorians saw him die, they took his body as well.

The Kandorians undertook experiments outside of Major Zod's knowledge, using the human cadavers they had collected. The experiments involved cybernetic augmentation and were intended to help the Kandorians gain the powers that they should have had under Earth's yellow sun. When they experimented on Chisholm's body, they unexpectedly brought him back to life.

Since returning to life, Dr. Chisholm became mentally unstable, unable to "turn off" his brain. Believing (correctly) that the people who experimented on him were aliens, he became determined to expose them to the world. Chisholm had made several attempts to contact Lois Lane at The Daily Planet, but his mail had been contained in a file box, filled with postings believed to be hoaxes. He finally caught up with Lois at a restaurant in Metropolis where he told her he had detained several Kandorians in a safe location outside of the city. Chisholm told Lois that with her valid reporting, they could expose the aliens and protect the Earth. Lois didn't believe Chisholm, and so he kidnapped her and forced her to write the report under the threat of death.

Chisholm revealed to Lois that he had ample proof about his findings of the Kandorians, and shared with her a blood sample. He told her that with her being a legitimate source, people would buy into the discovery. He also revealed that the Kandorians brought him back to life, after dying from a heart attack, and implanted kryptonite fragments into his brain, disfiguring the skin on his skull while doing so, leaving him with a thought process operating on such a high level that he could not find any kind of peace.


When Zod came to rescue Vala, Dr. Chisholm shot him down and was about to kill Lois when Clark Kent showed up and knocked him across the room. Chisholm got back up and tried to attack Clark with a surgical saw, but accidentally hit some electrical wires overhead, killing himself.