Biddle Coleridge
Biddle Coleridge - more commonly referred to as 'B.C.' - was a resident of Sanctuary District A, San Francisco in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine two-parter, "Past Tense". He was portrayed by Frank Military.

Within the Sanctuary, B.C. was a "ghost" (a criminal) with a tendency toward violence and thievery. He was a leader of a group of ghosts who attacked and captured the processing centre for the District in 2024 as part of the Bell Riots. Several times during the siege, B.C. came close to attacking the hostages and it was only through the intervention of Starfleet officers Benjamin Sisko and Julian Bashir, who had become trapped in the past, that the hostages were spared. B.C. hoped to bargain the hostages for his release from the Sanctuary District and travel to Tasmania, home to his idol, Errol Flynn, but he was killed when government forces stormed the building to free the hostages.

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