Officer Bill Boyle (portrayed by Charles Napier) was a minor character from The Silence of the Lambs. When Hannibal Lecter was transferred to Memphis as part of an FBI deal with him for assisting with the Buffalo Bill case, Boyle was assigned to guard Lecter's cell along with Sergeant Pembry.


When Boyle delivered Dr. Lecter's dinner to his cell, Lecter was handcuffed to the bars. However, the doctor had previously stolen a pen from Frederick Chilton and broken off the pocket clip to use as a makeshift lockpick. While Boyle set the meal down on the table, Lecter used the clip to unlock his cuffs and then assaulted Boyle and Pembry. Boyle was beaten to death with his own nightstick and Dr. Lecter then disembowelled him before escaping.

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