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Birdie is a supporting character in Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation. He is also a playable character in the Alpha video games, though his game bio is eschewed from the anime. He is voiced by Joe Romersa in the English dub and has a distinct American accent even though in the games Birdie is supposed to be British.

Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation

Birdie was amongst several participants in Professor Sadler's Street Fighter Tournament during the latter half of the film. Aggressive and arrogant, he fought against Dan Hibiki in the tournament's first match and easily defeated him. Sadler's agents took Birdie away to an empty room in the doctor's facility and locked him in. The room then filled with nerve gas and Birdie was knocked unconscious.

Chun-Li and Ken Masters would later release the captive fighters but found Birdie chained up in Sadler's laboratory with numerous cables and wires plugged into him. Chun-Li and Ken freed him and tried to get him out of the lab, but their escape was interrupted by Sadler's pet cyborg Rosanov, who mercilessly attacked the trio. Birdie attempted to fight back along with Ken and Chun-Li, but he had already been weakened after being hooked up to Sadler's machines and was no match for Rosanov, who grabbed him by the neck and crushed his throat.