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Black Orchid (voiced by Colleen Villard) is a minor character from the DC Animated Movie Universe, appearing in the films Justice League Dark and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War. She is a humanoid manifestation of the consciousness of the House of Mystery, a sentient magical structure that exists out of phase with the rest of the world and contains numerous magical artifacts. John Constantine, the most recent caretaker of the House of Mystery, allowed the building to experience the world as humans do, and so Black Orchid was brought into being as the House's avatar.


Orchid, unable to leave the House, spends her time tending to Constantine and his guests. However, when the Justice League Dark leave Ritchie Simpson in her care to find Felix Faust, Ritchie takes advantage of the team's absense and searches the House for the Dreamstone, a magical gem that will allow him to live forever as the host of the demon sorcerer Destiny. Having been told by Constantine to provide whatever help Ritchie needs, Orchid leads Ritchie straight to the Dreamstone. Once he has the stone, Ritchie then tells Orchid to take a walk straight into the fireplace. Orchid obeys and steps into the fire, standing silently as the flames destroy her body. However, being merely an avatar of the House of Mystery itself, Black Orchid cannot truly die as long as the House is intact and reappears later to welcome Zatanna into the House.

Final Death

In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, Orchid appears briefly as she and the Bat-Family launch an attack on an Apokoliptian planet-reaper in the North Sea. She begins the attack by crashing the House of Mystery itself into the alien machine, although doing so makes her vulnerable as well. She later gets vaporized by a Paradoom's heat vision, and with the House destroyed, she cannot come back.

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