1000px-Bob being shot

Bob Morton (portrayed by Miguel Ferrer) is a member of the OCP executive board in Robocop and the man foremost responsible for the development of the Robocop Program. After the colossal failure of Dick Jones' ED-209 robot, Morton uses the incident to convince the Old Man to approve of his project, greatly angering Jones who feels his position is now threatened. Following the success of Robocop out on the streets, the vengeful Jones hires the criminal Clarence Boddicker to kill Morton. As Bob is celebrating his success at home with two horny models and a mound of cocaine, his doorbell rings and he answers, expecting it to be the champagne he ordered. It is actually Clarence, who holds Bob at gunpoint and orders the girls to leave. Once they are gone, Clarence shoves Bob back on to the couch, slots a silencer on to his gun and shoots Bob repeatedly in the legs. Bob is left writhing in agony as Clarence slots a CD into his entertainment suite, which contains a video message from Dick Jones stating that he's taking Bob out of the picture. Bob pleads with Clarence and offers him double what Jones is paying him, but Jones is already offering the crook far more than Bob can give. Clarence then pulls out a grenade with an electronic timer, pulling the pin out with his teeth and setting it on the coffee table before leaving. Bob is in far too much pain to try and escape and the grenade goes off, killing Bob and destroying his house.

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