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Boba Fett is a highly skilled bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe and a minor antagonist of the films. He is an unmodified clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett, created by the same Kamino cloning facilities that spawned the Grand Army of the Republic prior to the Clone Wars. Jango raised Boba as his son and taught him many things about his trade, though Boba was forced to find his own way in the harsh galaxy all too soon following his father's death at the Battle of Geonosis. He spent the Clone Wars and the early years of the Empire being tutored by a number of criminals, honing his skills and then quickly making a name for himself. He soon came to be recognised the galaxy over as the deadliest bounty hunter in the business and frequently took jobs from Darth Vader and other Imperials.

Boba Fett was portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch in The Empire Strikes Back with his voice being provided by Jason Wingreen. When the Star Wars trilogy special edition DVD set was produced in 2004, Wingreen's voice was replaced by that of Temuera Morrison, who had portrayed Jango in Attack Of The Clones. In Attack Of The Clones and The Clone Wars TV show, the young Boba was portrayed by Daniel Logan.


In Return Of The Jedi, Boba Fett appeared to suffer a rather humiliating fate. During the battle over the Sarlacc pit, whilst he was busy fighting Luke Skywalker, Boba was nudged in the back by the half-blind Han Solo who was still recovering from his carbonite hibernation. When Solo accidentally nudged Boba, he hit the manual control switch for the bounty hunter's jet pack. Boba suddenly found himself rocketing into the Pit of Carkoon and he tumbled into the Sarlacc's maw.

While that appeared to be the end for the infamous Boba Fett, he has made many appearances in the Star Wars Expanded Universe in novels and comics set after his apparent death on Tatooine. Boba actually managed to escape from the Sarlacc's belly (which digests very slowly over a period of centuries and actually keeps its meals alive during that time), relying on his ingenuity and sheer force of will to tear his way out of the beast. However, since the Star Wars franchise was acquired by Disney, the Expanded Universe has been reorganised into Star Wars Legends and is no longer considered canon while Boba's demise in Return of the Jedi is now considered canonical.

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