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Brenda Gutierrez is a supporting character in the comedy-horror film Slither. In her youth, she and Grant Grant were going steady, but Grant would later marry Starla and Brenda found herself a new man with whom she had a child. After Grant became infected by a parasitic alien organism, he made advances on Brenda in order to make her a breeder. She was portrayed by Brenda James.


In her youth, Brenda Montgomery was involved with Grant Grant, but after Grant went to university the two drifted apart. During the film's events, Brenda - now married under the surname Gutierrez - lives an ordinarily banal life with her husband and infant son. One night, she meets Grant once again at a bar. The both of them are sexually frustrated which leads to a brief affair in the pastures on the edge of town. It is then that Grant discovers a mysterious slug-like creature in the tall grass which shoots some kind of needle into his chest. Brenda runs off to find help, but returns later to find Grant is gone, having returned home.

Two nights later, Grant visits Brenda's house. He asks Brenda if her husband is around, she replies that he's staying at his mother's for the weekend. Brenda thinks that Grant wants to pick up where they left off. Assuming they want to have sex, Brenda excitedly begins at first by stripping to her bra, but when Grant takes off his shirt, she is horrified to find two strange tentacles extending from a lesion covered hole in his chest. The mutated Grant pins Brenda down and essentially rapes Brenda, pressing his hand over her mouth and planting his barb-like tentacles into her stomach which funnel into either ovaries, converting her into the first breeder for his parasitic offspring.

Brenda struggles and whimpers until worm embryos Grant impregnates her with cause Brenda to gasp and let out a moan with the jarring sensation. She then starts to convulse and pant heavily - much to Grant's sadistic pleasure, especially when the process makes the unfortunate woman's breasts jiggle and slosh around erotically (possibly because Grant is controlling a worm in either bosom to wriggle inside the muscles and fatty tissue). As Grant sits on the side of the couch, proceeding to infuse more worms into Brenda, she keeps moaning and gyrating her body, giving into her fate.

Once filled with enough worms, Grant moves Brenda to an isolated barn on the outskirts of town. There Brenda is chained up, her stomach bloating, and constantly hungry for raw meat to feed the worms inside her.


Fat brenda.jpg

Days later, after Grant's involvement in several animal killings has been confirmed, Chief Bill Prady rounds up a posse to find Grant and the missing Brenda. Their search leads them to an isolated barn in the woods where they find Brenda, whose body has swollen up to absurd proportions. Having been turned into a breeder, Brenda is endlessly hungry and Grant has been feeding her a steady supply of live meat to sustain the massive clutch of worms developing inside her. Bill, Starla and the other posse members watch in horror as the worms inside Brenda rip her apart from the inside out and slither away into the night in search of hosts.