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Brian Douglas (played by Andy Luther) is a minor character who appears in The Dark Knight. A misguided Gotham citizen who is inspired by the heroics of the Batman, he organizes a group of like-minded citizens into becoming vigilantes modelled after Batman, willing to fight against the criminals that have dominated the city. His groups methods leave much to be desired, however, as they are either unaware or unwilling to acknowledge Batman's two principle rules: no guns and no killing. They attempt to disrupt a meeting between The Chechen and the Scarecrow but the real Batman appears and apprehends Scarecrow and Brian's gang.



The Dark Knight - Joker Video Threat

Following the arrest of virtually the entire mob, Brian's dead body was found hanging from a rope outside the mayor's office, still dressed in his Batman costume but with his face painted in clown make-up. Attached to Brian's body is a video tape and a playing card with the words "Will the real Batman please stand up?" typed on it. The video is later shown on Gotham Central News and features Brian tied up in a meat locker being questioned by the Joker. After issuing his ultimatum to Batman, the Joker murders Brian. How exactly he kills Brian isn't shown.