"What's amazing isn't what he does, but what he DOESN'T do."

Bub is a zombie and supporting character in George Romero's Day of the Dead. He is played by Sherman Howard.

The circumstances of Bub's death are unknown, but he is already long since dead from the moment he appears on screen. He appears to be the prize specimen of Dr. Logan, who has named him after a nickname his father had. Bub has been allowed to continue to exist after responding well to Logan's attempts to recondition the undead to behave well with the promise of a reward. When this stage of Logan's research is underway, Bub has a vague idea of how to shave, seems to recall how books work, and even has a stab at speaking, trying to say 'hello, Aunt Alicia,' when presented with a phone and prompted by Logan. Most importantly, he doesn't see Logan as food, doesn't get excited or agitated by his presence and barely notices when four more humans enter.

The sight of Captain Rhodes stirs something within Bub and he stands to a shaky salute, which Rhodes refuses to return. When presented with an empty gun, he seems to remember how to use one, points it at Rhodes and seems almost disappointed when he finds that it isn't loaded. Later, Bub continues to respond well to his rehabilitation and even appears to imprint upon Logan. As order breaks down within the bunker, Bub manages to break free from his chains and goes wandering around, almost immediately coming upon the body of Logan, killed a few moments earlier by Rhodes. Bub howls in rage and grief in an almost human display, before coming across a discarded and fully-loaded gun. He later comes across Rhodes, trying to escape the undead horde who have entered the bunker, and gives chase. While Rhodes is initially faster, he is unarmed, and successfully shot twice by Bub before opening a door to more zombies. After Bub fires the final shot, he ironically and disdainfully salutes Rhodes before the corrupt captain is ripped apart by the horde and Bub shuffles off. What becomes of him is unknown.


  • Some of Bub's groans (and those of a number of other ghouls from the film) are featured in the Gorillaz b-side track, Hip Albatross.
  • In Shaun of the Dead, Shaun does an uncanny impression of Bub when prompted by Ed, following Ed's half-hearted attempt to impersonate a zombie,
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