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Calares is a minor character from the first two episodes of Code Geass R2. He is a Britannian Duke and the new Viceroy of Area 11 appointed after the failed liberation of Japan by the Black Rebellion and the disappearance of Cornelia li Britannia.

Japanese Voice: Masaru Miyashita

English Voice: Peter Lurie


Calares personally oversees the Britannian Military's attempt to stop the Black Knights' raid on Babel Tower. It is during this time that Lelouch Lamperouge regains his lost memories and resumes his role as Zero, retaking control of the Black Knights and organising their resistance against the Britannian Empire. Zero bombs the Babel Tower and causes it to collapse, creating a bridge for he and his followers to seize the Chinese Federation consulate. When the tower collapses, it topples on to the G-1 mobile base where Viceroy Calares is directing the Britannian forces. The base is crushed and Calares and all of his troops are wiped out.