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Calvin "Hutch" Hutchinson (portrayed by David Spielberg) was a human Starfleet commander that appeared in the Star Trek: TNG episode "Starship Mine". When the USS Enterprise-D was docked at the Remmler Array to undergo a baryon sweep, the ship was evacuated and the senior staff were invited to attend a social function on the planet Arkaria that Hutchinson was hosting. During the event, Hutchinson would engage in monotonous small talk with the Enterprise crew who found his constant chatter to be tiresome and boring, though of course they did not admit as such.

When Geordi La Forge inquires about an abnormal energy pattern underneath the table at the reception, the Arkarians present lock down the room and pull out disruptors, shooting and stunning Geordi. The Arkarians are working with a mercenary group who are trying to steal trilithium resin from the Enterprise in orbit. When the Arkarians take the reception attendants hostage, Hutchinson is shot and killed.

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