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Carl Beaumont was an important character from Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm. He is already deceased during the film and is seen only in flashback scenes. He was voiced by Stacy Keach Junior.

Carl was a banker and financial planner from Gotham City who got involved with Salvatore Valestra and his criminal gang, taking a massive loan from them. Ten years prior to the film's events, Valestra started pressuring Beaumont to pay back his debt. At the time, Carl's daughter Andrea was dating Bruce Wayne who, at that time, had not yet taken up the cowl of the Batman. He almost never did as he had proposed to Andrea, but Carl and Andrea were forced to flee from the US and go into hiding in Europe.

While in hiding, Carl managed to make up the money to pay off his debt to Valestra. But by then, Valestra no longer cared about the money and wanted Beaumont dead regardless, bribing Carl's former assistant Arthur Reeves into giving up his location. Valestra sent his top hitman - the man who would one day become The Joker - to kill Beaumont.