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Caylem was a member of the Alsurian race who appeared in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Resistance". He was portrayed by Joel Grey.

Twelve years before Voyager arrived at Alsuria, Caylem had supported his people's resistance movement against the Mokra Order, an oppressive regime that dominated their planet. After the loss of his wife and daughter, he was driven to insanity and reduced to a delusional state brought on by his intense self-loathing since he saw himself as responsible for getting his family killed.

When Kathryn Janeway was stranded on the planet and hurt, Caylem took her in and healed her. He believed that she was his daughter and 'convinced' her to help him free his wife. Janeway was unaware that Caylem's wife was dead. When members of Janeway's crew were being held in the Mokra prison, Caylem helped Janeway rescue them believing that he could rescue his wife. During the rescue attempt, Caylem and Janeway ran into Augris, the head of the Mokra, who revealed that the wife and daughter were dead. Caylem stabbed and killed Augris and took a phaser shot meant for Janeway. Before he died, Janeway pretended to be his daughter, assuring him that his wife was safe, and the two of them forgave Caylem for his actions. As Janeway departed the planet, Darod, a member of the local resistance assured Janeway that Caylem's actions would not be forgotten.