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Chuck (portrayed by Blake Cooper) was a main character in the film adaptation of The Maze Runner. He is the youngest of the Gladers and easily the friendliest and kindest among them. He is quick to befriend Thomas when the latter makes his arrival in the Glade.


Like with the other Gladers, nothing is known about Chuck's life from before WCKD put him in the Maze. In the month before Thomas' arrival, Chuck supported the Glade community however he could, usually gathering materials or guarding the Slammer, the Gladers' prison cell.

After Thomas arrived in the Glade, Chuck was quick to befriend him. While Thomas was locked in the Slammer, Chuck visited him and showed him a carving he had made which he planned to give to his parents if he ever met them. Thomas promised Chuck that one day they would find a way out.


As he had promised, Thomas, Newt, Minho, Chuck and a dozen other Gladers managed to navigate the Maze and find an escape hatch. Beyond the hatch was a laboratory where WCKD scientists had been studying the Gladers, but when the group entered they found only corpses, the result of some kind of attack. What's more, Gally had followed the escapees through the Maze, during which he was stung by a Griever. In his delirious state, Gally grabbed a gun from a fallen security guard, threatening to shoot Thomas and the others if they didn't come back to the Glade. Minho threw a spear at Gally which became embedded in his shoulder, but Gally fired his gun in reaction to the spear hitting him. The stray bullet hit Chuck who fell to the floor and began to rapidly bleed out. Thomas was devastated and wept as Chuck gasped his last words: "Thank you."