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Cicada is a minor character from the anime series Last Exile. He is a member of the Guild, the skyborne nation that rules over Prester and serves as the right-hand of Maestro Delphine Ereclea. He is also the older brother of Dio's friend and servant Lucciola.

Japanese Voice: Naoki Makijima

English Voice: Dave Mallow


Little is seen of Cicada throughout the series, though he is present throughout Episodes 20 to 23. He acts as the servant and bodyguard to Maestro Delphine, the ruler of the Guild, performing whatever tasks she demands of him without question. Even when he was ordered to capture the Silvana crew of which Dio and his own brother Lucciola were a part of, he showed absolutely no hesitation or concern for either Dio or Lucciola's welfare. It is entirely possible and likely that Cicada was subjected to the same mental conditioning that Dio is subjected to in Episode 21 when he is forced to participate in the Rite of the Covenant, a ceremony that all Guild nobles go through when they come of age.


In Episode 23, "Castling Lucciola", Lucciola betrays Maestro Delphine by helping Claus, Al and the brainwashed Dio escape from the Guild Fortress. He then confronts the Maestro herself, but Cicada stands in his way. The two brothers engage in a spectacular combative dance as Delphine watches. Ultimately, Lucciola's determination to free Dio from his malevolent sister's control sees him to victory and he kills Cicada with a blade to the back.