"I gotta problem: cops don't like me. So I don't like cops." - Clarence Boddicker, Robocop

Clarence Boddicker (portrayed by Kurtwood Smith) is a particularly ruthless gang leader in Old Detroit and the main antagonist of Robocop. He and his group make their living off of the suffering of the good citizens of Detroit; racketeering, extortion, drug manufacturing and trafficking, Clarence "The Guy" Boddicker has done it all and then some. He is an anarchist with no regard for human life and has a particular disdain for the police, having killed several cops in his career. He is responsible for the horrific murder of Officer Alex Murphy, though this cop-killing comes back to haunt him in the form of Robocop.



Robocop Murphy Stabs Boddicker.

During the final showdown, Clarence attempts to flee from the dilapidated steel mill but is cornered by Robocop. One of Clarence's goons, Leon Nash, drops several girders from a crane on top of Robocop, immobilizing him. As Clarence and Leon cheer over Robocop's apparent defeat, Anne Lewis blows up the crane control booth with Leon inside it using a Cobra assault cannon taken from Clarence. The exhausted Lewis then collapsed into the puddle of rusty runoff and Clarence leaves her to finish off Robocop. Brandishing a long steel pole, Boddicker repeatedly clubs Robocop with it and even impales the cyborg's chestplate with it. He pulls the bar out and is about to impale Robocop again, but Robocop then reveals the data spike from his free hand and stabs Boddicker in the neck. Boddicker gasps his last as jets of blood erupt from his neck and he collapses into the puddle of rusty water.

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