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Connor (played by Clark Carmichael) was a minor supporting character from Season 1 of Gotham. He was an Irish hitman employed by Carmine Falcone. In the episode "Under the Knife", Oswald Cobblepot - The Penguin - hired Connor to kill Salvatore Maroni. Penguin arranged for the hit to be carried out on the day that Tommy Bones, one of Maroni's old friends, was to be released from prison. Traditionally, Maroni celebrated the release of his pals at Lidia's, a small Italian dive in downtown Gotham. Butch Gilzean had planted guns inside the bar for Connor and his boys to use to kill Maroni.


In the episode "The Anvil or the Hammer", the time came for Connor to carry out the hit on Maroni. He arrived at Lidia's to "pay his respects", then reached for a gun that Butch had taped to the underside of the bar. When he pulled the trigger, however, the gun didn't fire. Believing Falcone to be responsible for putting out the hit, Maroni decided to send the don a message declaring all-out war. He had Tommy Bones shoot Connor and then mailed the hitman's severed head to Falcone's mansion.

What neither Connor nor Maroni knew was that the Penguin had planned for this all along. He had removed the blasting caps on the guns before Butch had planted them and wanted Maroni and Falcone at war in the hopes that they would wipe each other out, allowing Penguin to dominate Gotham's underworld himself.