Crystal Waters (portrayed by Kacey Barnfield) is a minor character from Resident Evil: Afterlife. She was once an aspiring actress and had come from Britain to Los Angeles to live her dream just as the T-virus began spreading across the US. Trapped in a dying city, she took shelter in the Citadel Correctional Facility and has remained there since. She has tried to keep her fellow survivors' spirits up with her cooking skills.

As the undead began to breach the prison, Crystal joined Alice and Chris Redfield in trying to secure weapons from the armory, which was located on a flooded level of the basement. Just as the trio emerged from the water on the armory level, Crystal was grabbed by a Plaga zombie and dragged back underwater. She is not shown to be killed on-screen but she is never seen again, so in all likelihood either drowned or got eaten by the zombies.

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