The Crystalline Entity is a mysterious space-dwelling lifeform that appears in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Next to nothing is known about its exact nature or if it is even sentient, but it has the appearance of a giant crystalline tree or, as others have described it, a giant snowflake. The entity feeds on vast quantities of organic matter and is responsible for stripping several inhabited planets of life, leaving nothing - not even bacteria - behind. One such planet destroyed by this creature was Omicron Theta, the place where the android Data was created.


In the fifth season episode "Silicon Avatar", the Crystalline Entity attacks the planet Melona IV where humans have just begun establishing a colony. Most of the settlers survive by taking shelter in a cavern where the rocks are laced with deposits of ores that the entity's beams cannot penetrate. During the episode, the USS Enterprise-D follows the entity's flight path in order to study it and possibly communicate with it. However, Dr. Kila Marr - a human xenologist who had been studying the entity's activities for several years - interfered with the Enterprise's communication attempts by transmitting a consistent graviton beam toward the entity. The beam caused the Crystalline Entity to vibrate intensely until it shattered like glass.

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