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Victor Stone - also known as Cyborg - is a superhero from DC Comics. Originally a normal human and a star athlete, an accident resulted in Victor suffering terrible injuries. He would surely have died were it not for his father Silas Stone, who rebuilt Victor using the most advanced technology available. From that point on, Victor was part man, part machine, and would use his new cybernetic abilities to help people in danger. Though he appears intimidating and is armed with advanced weaponry, Cyborg has a kind heart and a strong sense of justice. He has been a part of various superhero teams, most notably the Teen Titans and the Justice League.

DC Animated Movie Universe

Cyborg has appeared in seven entries in the DC Animated Movie Universe and has been voiced throughout by Shemar Moore. His origins are revealed in Justice League: War; after his father failed to turn up to one of his football games, he angrily confronted Silas at S.T.A.R. Labs while the latter was in the midst of studying a Mother Box, a piece of alien technology from Apokolips. In his frustration, Victor grabbed the device, but it activated at that moment and then exploded. Using the advanced medical technology in his lab, Silas was able to save his son's life, but made him more machine than human.

Shortly after being resuscitated, Vic saved his father and his colleagues when Parademons attacked S.T.A.R. Labs. The creatures had brought with them another Mother Box in order to destroy the facility and create an enormous fire pit, but Vic grabbed the device and it became integrated with his new cybernetic body. From the Mother Box, Vic learned all about Apokolips and the Parademons' purpose on Earth. With this information, he joined forces with the heroes Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, Shazam and the Flash, helping to formulate a plan to thwart Darkseid's invasion. Following their victory, the heroes officially formed the Justice League in order to protect the Earth from other such threats in the future.

Final Fate

In Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, the Justice League became aware that Darkseid was preparing for another invasion and plotted their own preemptive attack on Apokolips. Unfortunately, Darkseid learned of this plan by listening in on the League via Cyborg's own Apokoliptian systems, so when the heroes made their move, the evil deity was more than ready for them. As the Justice League arrived at Apokolips, Darkseid set his army of Paradooms upon the heroes. Many of the League members were killed while others were captured and used as pawns in Darkseid's campaign against Earth.

Cyborg source wall.jpg

Cyborg himself was kept alive and taken apart, with most of his components being integrated into Apokolips itself. Embedded in a wall within Darkseid's fortress, Cyborg became the Source Wall and was used to monitor and direct all of Apokolips' technology.

Two years later, Superman, John Constantine and the rest of their rag-tag band of surviving heroes returned to Apokolips in order to shut down its main power source and destroy the planet. They entered Darkseid's fortress where they encountered Cyborg, who had become completely subservient to Darkseid's will. Constantine used his magic to free Cyborg of his programming, but not of his bondage. After Batman was also freed, Cyborg warmly exclaimed that it was good to have him back. While Superman, and subsequently Trigon, battled Darkseid, Cyborg concocted the plan of using Apokolips' technology to bring the Paradooms back to the planet, send the heroes back to Earth, and send Apokolips into a black void, along with Darkseid and his forces. Due to Cyborg being subjugated into Apokolips, he was forced to sacrifice himself to go through with the plan, as he saved the heroes and trapped Darkseid, Trigon, the Paradoom army, and himself into a black void for all eternity.