Daniel Kwan
Daniel L. Kwan was a Starfleet lieutenant junior grade who appeared in the Star Trek: TNG episode "Eye of the Beholder". He was portrayed by Tim Lounibos.

At the very beginning of the episode, Kwan commits suicide by leaping into a plasma stream, vaporising himself. The Enterprise bridge crew investigate the circumstances behind his death and eventually find out that he had been affected by a form of telepathic imprint left behind aboard the Enterprise by a group of officers involved in the ship's construction in 2362. Apparently, one Walter Pierce had caught his lover Marla Finn having an affair with another man and killed them both in a fit of jealous rage before killing himself by throwing himself into a plasma stream. This left a psychic imprint in the section of the Enterprise where the deed occurred and Kwan, who was partially telepathic, was affected by this imprint which pushed him toward his own suicide.

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