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Daniel LLewellyn (portrayed by Daniel Evans) was a supporting character in the Doctor Who 2005 Christmas special "The Christmas Invasion". Llewellyn was the man foremost responsible for Britain's space program and had organized the Guinevere One project. Attached to the Guinevere One probe was a capsule containing audio files, plant seeds and even a blood sample as a form of greeting should the probe happen to encounter any alien life.

What Llewellyn did not foresee was that the Guinevere One would be captured by aliens known as the Sycorax. The Sycorax launched an invasion of Earth and, using the vial of A+ blood from the probe, used a blood control matrix to seize control of one third of the human race, threatening to kill them if Earth did not surrender.


Llewellyn, Major Blake, Alex Klein and Prime Minister Harriet Jones are teleported aboard the Sycorax spaceship and meet with their leader. Llewellyn pleas with the Sycorax leader to spare the Earth and the leader responds by striking Llewellyn with an energy whip. Llewellyn is killed and his flesh is disintegrated, leaving nothing but a pile of singed bones.