David is a supporting character from the British horror/comedy film Shaun of the Dead. He is a friend of Shaun's girlfriend Liz, though he is despised by Shaun and Ed. He is quite snobbish and a severe pessimist. He is portrayed by Dylan Moran.


Prior to the zombie outbreak, David made his living as a college lecturer. Though he appears to be in a relationship with Dianne, he is actually in love with Liz and despises the fact that she has been dating Shaun.

When the zombie outbreak occurs, Shaun and Ed arrive at Liz's flat to rescue her, Dianne and David. Right from the start of their adventure, David disagrees with Shaun's plan and criticizes everything he does to try and keep the group alive, though he offers nothing at all to their continued survival. This leads to a heated argument at the Winchester Tavern as Barbara succumbs to a bite wound and David urges Shaun to put her down so she does not reanimate. When David draws the rifle to do it himself, a heated standoff ensues which results in everyone pointing broken bottles at David. At this point, Barbara resurrects and Shaun is forced to shoot her. David states that it was the right thing to do, prompting Shaun to punch him in the face.


8) Movie CLIP - Breaking and Eviscerating (2004) HD

8) Movie CLIP - Breaking and Eviscerating (2004) HD

After Shaun punches him, David picks up the rifle and aims at Shaun, but the others stand between them. David considers opening the door and running, but Dianne talks him down and suggests he apologises to Shaun. Before David can apologise, the window behind him breaks and he is pulled outside by the zombie swarm. The other survivors try to pull David back inside, but their efforts are in vain as David is brutally ripped apart and eaten by the undead horde.