Worth with Leaven.

David Worth is one of the unfortunate test subjects in the first Cube film.

He is portrayed by British-born Canadian actor David Hewlett.

Worth was a man who firmly believed that there was no bright side to life. A malcontent and a pessimist, he showed little regard for the other prisoners of the Cube. However, Worth is baited by the angry Quentin into revealing that he played a part in the Cube's construction. He had designed the structure's outer shell and had no idea what the structure was intended for.


With just himself, Leaven, Kazan and Quentin left alive and Quentin becoming increasingly hostile, Worth decides to ambush Quentin and then he, Leaven and Kazan try to make their escape without him. Having finally cracked the mathematics behind the Cube with help from Kazan and Leaven, they reach the exit point. However, Quentin followed them and stabbed Leaven to death with a metal handle snapped off one of the doors. Quentin also stabs Worth and is about to kill Kazan too as they shuffle through the crawlspace between the outer room and the exit bridge. Worth is still hanging on to life and he grabs Quentin's leg, holding him back while Kazan escapes. When the rooms suddenly rotate, Quentin is crushed inside the crawlspace between rooms.

Having helped Kazan get out of the Cube, Worth then dies with a satisfied expression on his face.

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