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Derzerb is a member of the Hyper-Zoanoid Team Five in the anime/manga series, Guyver: Bio-Boosted Armor. A creature of pure muscle, Derzerb is easily the physically strongest member of Team Five. He can shrug off any impact and uses his incredible strength to ram headlong into opponents; he can easily bulldoze through walls and even tanks. His skin can withstand lasers and he can absorb thermal energy and discharge it as searing flames from his mouth. His fire breath can reach temperatures nearing 4000 degrees centigrade.


Guyver OVA

In the sixth OVA episode Terminal Battle: The Fall of Chronos Japan, Derzerb and fellow Hyper-Zoanoid Elegen investigate the Japan branch's scientific wing following the arrival of Guyver III. They find that it is in fact Guyver I, newly ressurrected after its control medal reconstructed him from trace amounts of DNA. Derzerb relishes the opportunity of killing the Guyver again and charges him. Guyver I uses its Sonic Buster to crack Derzerb's facial plates, then with all its strength, pushes Derzerb out of the window and lets him fall to his death.

2005 Guyver series

Derzerb and ZX-Tole investigate the chaos within Relic's Point, believing that the rogue Lost Number Aptom is running amok. They find Aptom and engage him, supposedly killing him, but the seemingly injured Gaster appears in the corridor and as Derzerb goes over to help him, Gaster reveals himself to actually be Aptom, who had cloned himself by harvesting the bodies of three dead Chronos soldiers then assimilated Gaster when he was alone and defenseless. As soon as he touches Aptom, Derzerb's cells are invaded. ZX-Tole tries to destroy Aptom before he can consume Derzerb and fires his bio-blasters, destroying Aptom's body. This fails to stop Aptom as he has already infected enough of Derzerb to completely dominate his body.