Dexter Remmick
Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick was a Starfleet officer with the Inspector General's office in Star Trek: TNG episode Coming of Age. During that time, he accompanied Rear Admiral Quinn to the Enterprise-D to conduct a thorough investigation of the vessel. The nature of the investigation was kept secret, and this uncertainty drove tensions very high on the ship. Remmick questioned the Enterprise-D senior staff at length, asking them about the apparent unfitness of Captain Jean-Luc Picard for command. Despite the crew's strong objections, he seemed to be intent on finding problems with Picard and his command. His final report, however, was one of praise, claiming nothing was wrong with the Enterprise-D. After delivering his report to Admiral Quinn, Remmick said he would like to serve aboard the Enterprise-D after the completion of his service at the Inspector General's office.


Some time after the events of Coming of Age, Remmick became host to a parasitic life-form that attempted to infiltrate the highest echelons of Starfleet and the Federation. The creature he hosted took absolute control of his mind and body, fusing with his physiology and spawned other parasites that infected several Starfleet admirals. In the episode Conspiracy, the parasites' infiltration of Starfleet was revealed and the creatures attempted to seize control of the Enterprise-D by infecting Captain Picard. However, when Picard met with the infected admirals on Earth, he was saved by Commander Riker who disguised himself as a parasite host (the parasites' gills protruded from the backs of their hosts' necks). The admirals were stunned and the parasites released from their bodies. Picard and Riker followed a fleeing creature into a room in Starfleet HQ where they found Remmick, who appeared to swallow the parasite. Realising he was controlling the creatures, Picard and Riker shot Remmick with their phasers. Remmick's upper body exploded in a shower of disgusting ichor, revealing the mother parasite residing in his belly. Picard and Riker then used their phasers to vaporise the mother creature, without which all the other parasites died.

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