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Dick Jones (portrayed by Ronny Cox) is a pompous, greedy executive on the board for Omni Consumer Products in Robocop. He is responsible for the development of the ED-209 urban pacification robot (and by extension, the death of Mr. Kinney who was killed by said robot), which had malfunctioned during a demonstration, killing a fellow executive and embarrassing Jones in front of the Old Man (OCP's chairman), damaging his position within the company. In order to protect his position, Jones hired the urban terrorist Clarence Boddicker to kill Bob Morton and destroy his Robocop Project. As a precaution, he also contributed to the Robocop Project a hidden fourth prime directive for the cyborg cop to follow: Robocop would shut down if he attempted to arrest any OCP executive.


Although Robocop interrogated Boddicker and learned of Jones' illegal activities, he could not arrest Jones since the fourth directive subroutine disabled him, leaving him at the mercy of an ED-209. Robocop did, however, record his encounter with Jones to his memory, and after killing Boddicker and his gang, returned to OCP and revealed Jones' treachery to the executive board. Jones panicked and pulled a gun, taking the Old Man hostage. Robocop could not take action against Jones due to his fourth directive, but the Old Man overrode the directive by announcing "Dick, you're FIRED!". With Jones no longer deemed an OCP executive, Robocop shot him. Jones reflexively let go of the Old Man and stumbled backwards out of a window, falling several dozen stories to his death.

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