This article contains details of all the minor characters killed during the first Die Hard film.

  • When Karl and Theo arrive at the Nakatomi building, they walk right up to the front desk and Karl shoots the receptionist with a silenced 9mm.
  • Karl rolls a flash bomb into the adjacent corridor, blinding the guard standing there. He then shoots the guard twice in the chest.
  • Heinrich - One of Hans Gruber's thugs, portrayed by Gary Roberts. He dies when John McClane shoots him as he runs into the office where Takagi was killed. He is the second terrorist to die in the film.
  • Marco - One of Gruber's men portrayed by Lorenzo Caccialanza. Shortly after Heinrich's death, he attacks McClane who hides under a long table. When McClane crawls to the end of the table, he shoots 16 rounds straight through it and into Marco's groin.
  • Four policemen attempt to break into the plaza from the back door but get shot at by Gruber's goons. At least one of the cops appears to be killed.
  • A rocket is fired from the tenth floor and blows up an armoured police van.
  • McClane drops a C4 charge tied to a computer monitor down a ventilation shaft which explodes when it hits the ground floor. Two of the terrorists are killed in the blast.
  • Fritz - Portrayed by Hans Buhringer. He is the sixth terrorist to die in the film and is gunned down by McClane when he emerges from an elevator.
  • Franco - Portrayed by Bruno Doyon. He is the seventh terrorist killed by McClane, who shoots out his kneecaps and sends him stumbling into a window. The glass breaks and shards cut through Franco's eyes and hit his brain.
  • Uli - A Chinese member of Gruber's gang portrayed by Al Leong. He was the eighth terrorist to be killed by McClane, who shot him four times with a Beretta 9mm as soon as he opened a door leading to the roof.
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