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Donald Pierce is the secondary antagonist of the 2017 anti-hero film Logan. He is the head of security at the medical firm Alkali-Transigen and the leader of a group of cybernetically enhanced mercenaries known as the Reavers. He claims to be a big fan of Wolverine's, specifically the former X-Man's knack for violence. He is portrayed by Boyd Holbrook.


Donald Pierce worked for the Transigen Project as leader of a paramilitary force called the Reavers. He headed security for the Transigen project to create new mutants such as X-23. When Gabriela Lopez escaped with X-23, Pierce was sent to track her down. His investigation led him to Logan; he was sure that Gabriela was seeking to contact Logan for help and asked for his assistance, though Logan wanted nothing to do with him.

Pierce led a combined force of Reavers and federal police to apprehend X-23 when she was discovered to be hiding at Logan's hideout in Mexico where he lived with the ailing Charles Xavier and Caliban. Pierce led the operation to track down Logan, Xavier, and X-23 when they fled the compound and headed north.


Several days into the chase, Pierce led the Reavers in the capture operation against the children who escaped from the Transigen project. After having his bionic hand destroyed by Logan, he released X-24 to fight him. While X-23 was fighting X-24, Donald shot Logan with a harpoon gun. He attempted to drag him away from X-24 with his truck, but was overwhelmed by the children using their combined abilities, including cryokinesis, terrakinesis and plant control. In the end, Pierce was left mummified in countless strands of overgrown grass.