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Dr. East (portrayed by Jeffrey Combs) is a minor character in the live-action Guyver film. He is a genetic scientist working for the Chronos Corporation and studies the severed control medal of the Guyver after it is retrieved. Fulton Balcus tries to persuade Mizky Segawa to tell him what she knows about the Guyver's activation, but she responds by kicking him in the crotch and snatching the control medal out of its cabinet where it is being studied. Dr. East transforms into his Zoanoid form (which resembles a humanoid goat and even still wears glasses) and he and the other Zoanoids try to persuade Mizky to let go of the control medal, which is quickly re-growing Sean's body. The Zoanoid Striker knocks the medal out of Mizky's hand and it is flung into Dr. East's mouth, who swallows it. The Guyver quickly regenerates inside East and then slices his way out of East's body.
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